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The good rules for underwater sports

Please note that in order to participate in the underwater activities organized by MARLINTERMITI it is mandatory to be in possession of:

  • Diving license - Dive book (logbook)

  • Medical certificate certifying fitness for diving activities for the current year

  • Complete a medical questionnaire > participant history


There are many who practice "recreational" diving, but the commitment to which the body is subjected during the practice of this sport is such that it requires a perfect state of good health and physical efficiency.
To verify one's physical efficiency and avoid the risk of more or less serious pathologies, it is advisable to undergo, before undertaking diving activity, and then periodically, a medical check-up with which any contraindications can be highlighted. Italy, it is mandatory for all those who practice "competitive sports" and "organized non-competitive"  (i.e. with sports clubs, sports promotion bodies, in gyms , etc.), but the necessary medical examination for this type of activity is very different from that sufficient for non-competitive activity. In any case, if an adult, after spending a sedentary winter, decides to take out the scuba and to start a diving season, it would be good if he first carried out some aerobic physical activity and that he underwent a medical check preventive ico of cardiac, respiratory, musculotendinous and articular efficiency, to prevent sometimes very serious accidents.

MARLINTREMITI informs that participants are guaranteed insurance coverage.

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