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Welcome back to Tremiti

North of Puglia
and east of Molise,

in national waters...


The Sea has turned into islands

some peaks of an underwater ridge that connects Italy to Dalmatia.


This geographical location

today it's called

Archipelago of the Tremiti Islands.

IT 2

Marine Reserve since 1989

give to visitors

an environment again

wholesome and charming

and it's
favorite destination of many Subs

IT 4

the Archipelago is also a place of history and culture

with the splendid

Benedictine Abbey

on the island of San Nicola.


STORIA  -  CULTURA  -  MARE  - _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_NATURA  -  RISERVA MARINA  -  DIVERTIMENTO


Sea laboratory
Via A. Vespucci, snc - 71040 TREMITI ISLANDS (Fg)


Direct Phone    Tel. (+39) 333 84.55.201

Direct Phone    Tel. (+39) 336 82.97.46




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