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Underwater course inFormula College

Level 1 Diving Course - OWD SSI
1st Internship 2023

Formula College​

The following can participate in the training course:

students, researchers, doctoral students, graduates in biological, natural and geological sciences,
environmental professionals.​


Maximum number of participants allowed: 12


Course program

Theoretical training course
online session at:

February, March, April

Practical training at sea
and conclusion of the theoretical course 
to the Tremiti Islands
8-9-10-11-12 May 2023

QHis certification program is recognized worldwide

and it's the best way to start the adventure as a certified diver. 

The training course will allow you to acquire all the technical skills and theoretical knowledge to face and dive safely up to a maximum depth of 18 meters, in a daytime environment.


The Formula College Marlintremiti

it allows you to live the training experience in an operational context
such as that of the Laboratorio del Mare, in close contact with experts, marine biologists
live the experience intensely without giving up fun and relaxation.

For this reason, the stay and a series of services that will make up the training course are also included in the cost
+ complete, + interesting, + fun, + cheap


The Formula College training course includes:


Registration to the Divessi system

Digital educational material

A first theoretical session of the online training course


Stay on the Tremiti Islands at the Hotel Eden*** 

plus breakfast and dinner (including drinks) for the whole period indicated


The second session of the theoretical training course in presence

Practical training at sea and completion of theoretical training

Use of all necessary diving equipment 


All activities at the Marlintremiti research center

Use of the Marlintremiti Sea Library

Use of the Marlintremiti Sea Laboratory room

Use of the Marlintremiti WiFi network


Diving insurance coverage

Issue of the first level international patent OWD SSI


Advantages for you

Enrollment in the Formula College course offers you two opportunities to choose from throughout 2023:

  •  10% discount on diving activities

  • free rental of diving equipment


Discounts for:

Ferry ticket Termoli-Isole Tremiti

Car parking in Termoli

Possible overnight stay in Termoli


Participation requires:

Minimum age 18 years

Medical certificate of good health for diving activity (General practitioner)


Cost of the Course in Formula College:

(€300.00 upon registration and €350.00 on May 8, 2023)



Becoming an SSI Open Water Diver is the best way to start diving


Registration for the course

To enroll in the course and on the Divessi portal, the following is required:

Step 1

enter the requested data

Thank you! The message has been sent.

Step 2
Payment of the registration fee of €300.00

Credit Card / PayPal

Bank transfer


With completion of Step 1 and 2 

you will receive by e-mail:

Confirmation of enrollment in the course

Receipt of payment of the registration fee

The procedures for accessing digital educational material via the MySSI APP

Information for participation in the first session of the online training course

You will be contacted by telephone
to be guided in the access procedures to the MySSI APP,

its functions, and the digital manual of the training course.



Sea laboratory
Via A. Vespucci, snc - 71040 TREMITI ISLANDS (Fg)


Reception         Tel. (+39) 333.84.55.201

Direct Phone    Tel. (+39) 336 82.97.46




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