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Specifiche Assistenza Booking

Specifiche Assistenza Booking

servizi e regolamento


Services and Regulations

With the aim of offering a better service, for all those who individually or in groups want to reach the Tremiti to dive, we offer the possibility of facilitating their arrival, stay and permanence.

In fact, through our reservations and information service we can take care of all this, leaving you only the pleasure of the holiday and diving.

In fact, special agreements allow us to take care of: from booking the car park at the port of Termoli, to booking e delivery of the ticket for the maritime passage, from booking the hotel, to excursions for non-divers.

The Booking Assistance Service includes:

Stay and Diving proposalscustomized(if not present on Marlin Shop)

Stay and Diving offers that can be purchased on the Marlin Shop page of

Directions for boarding with times and methods;

Directions for the car or coach parking guarded at the port of Termoli and the references of the personnel in charge;

Directions for arriving at the Island of San Domino;

Directions for arrival at the hotel;

Method of payment for the Services purchased and/or booked;

Sending Vouchers relating to all regularly purchased services;

Assistance at the Port of Termoli and during your stay.

Specifications for the purchase of the Services and/or reservation of the Services:

The Stay/Diving Products present and available on the Marlin Shop page can be purchased directly online.

Customized Products are purchased by following the procedures that are sent by e-mail.

For the purchase of personalized services it is required:

For proposals with more than 30 days from the date of arrival

30% upon booking and balance 10 days before the arrival date and/or upon receipt of the vouchers.


For proposals with less than 30 days from the arrival date

the balance is required upon receipt of the Vouchers.

The regulation of the "Marlin Service":


It is necessary to communicate the eventual renunciation at least 20 days. before the date set for the start of the program, under penalty of losing the entire amount advanced as a deposit. However, MarlinTremiti reserves the right to examine each case individually, always proceeding in the common interest.


There are no refunds for services which the customer has not used for reasons beyond the control of MarlinTremiti (e.g. individual ailments, non-compliance with timetables by participants).

Other possible causes will be looked into from time to time.

The refund is total (minus the costs of the preliminary investigation*) if due to adverse weather conditions the connections with the Islands Tremors are stopped.

* Reimbursement processing costs: 2.7% of the amount paid + €2.00 - E.g. on €200.00 of the amount paid - the refund will be €192.60

Tips for a good Organization:

Communicate Diving Needs (Schedule)

Communicate equipment needs

Prepare separate bags (equipment and personal effects)


All the documentation relating to the offers and subsequently to the booking documents including the VOUCHERS to take advantage of the services booked, are sent by e-mail at least 15 days before your arrival,
unless the reservation was made close to your arrival (less than 20 days).

All you have to do is check the details contained and print everything and then deliver the relative copies to the managers of the services acquistati.

Everything will be extremely clear, easy and fast for a minimum of your effort and a maximum of savings.

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