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Secca Capitelli 

AMP Tremiti Islands: Zone B

Island: Caprara

Path: 1 

Recommended depth: 40 meters 

Patent pending: 2nd level/ Specialty DEEP

Gas supplied: Nitrox or Air

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Very interesting diving site and discovered by Adelmo Sorci thanks to the indications of Salvatore Capitelli (from Tremitese doc).
The route develops along a wall that takes the immersion from 30 to 45 meters.

Since the reserve of beautiful surprises is not known, in fact the constant presence of lobsters, musedee, moray eels, lobsters but above all gigantic conger eels.

There are also curious forms of life, many nudibranchs, sacoglossi and notaspidei. 

Not to be missed...


drawings and photos by Adelmo Sorci © ADphoto

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