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Grouper plateau

AMP Tremiti Islands: Zone B

Island: Caprara

Path: 1- 2

Recommended depth: 25 meters 

Patent pending: 1st and 2nd level

Gas supplied: Nitrox or Air

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Tip dive a northeast of Caprara, very beautiful and not demanding.

The route that winds partly in a large rock amphitheater with large stacked boulders e partly in the wall, offers the possibility of observing large brown groupers, croakers and dentex at will.
There is no shortage of shoals of bream, saddled bream, tanute, mennole and boga that recall barracuda, amberjack and tuna.
In the ravines large scorpion fish, moray eels, conger eels and octopuses.

A real show !!!


a real show !!!

drawings and photos by Adelmo Sorci © ADphoto

Ancora 1
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