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The Sawn Rock

AMP Tremiti Islands: Zone C

Island: St. Nicholas

Path: 1 

Recommended depth: 24 meters 

Patent pending: 1st and 2nd level

Gas supplied: Nitrox or Air

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Landslide dive on the southern side of the Island of San Nicola. Large boulders, rocky agglomerations that create crevices and hiding places for conger eels, moray eels, lobsters and forkbeards.

Halfway through the Leptogorgia sarmentosa with often gorgonian cowries embellish the dive and not far away a rocky agglomeration completely covered with sea lilies.

Do not miss the color ... given by the many sponges and many nudibranchs.


a real show !!!

drawings and photos by Adelmo Sorci © ADphoto

Ancora 1
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