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The Shoal of Punta Secca

AMP Tremiti Islands: Zone B

Island: Caprara

Path: 1- 2 - 3

Recommended depth: 35 m 

Patent pending: 2nd level/ Specialty DEEP

Gas supplied: Nitrox or Air

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Spectacular dive site characterized by a wall rich in benthic and pelagic life.
Path n.1 (maximum depth 35 meters) offers endless emotions throughout the dive and in some months of the year it is easy to come across tuna and large amberjacks.

Barracuda, snapper and grouper can almost always be seen.


Another detail that makes the dive site one of the 10 most beautiful in the Mediterranean are the Paramuricee clavate (gorgonians) which here take on uncommon chromatic variants.


drawings and photos by Adelmo Sorci © ADphoto

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